AMAStore® Processing Application

AMAStore® is the front-end convergence processing application for SRAPP.   AMAStore® is a complete integrated processing module that converts Automatic Message Accounting switching system records to a standard database format for rating, billing, analysis, and redistribution.

AMA Processing

AMAStore® has been designed to provide high-power unattended batch processing of multiple AMA sources. AMA data collected in real-time is automatically processed to the common database without continual user interaction.

  • Detects and protects against duplicate blocks
  • User defined filtering, reformatting, and data validation
  • The ability to easily accommodate user-defined processing tasks
  • Proven compatibility with existing billing systems
  • Extensive error reporting and logging capabilities
  • Builds normalized congruent database tables independent of switching system type
  • Efficient high speed processing
  • No data is ever discarded


AMA data is normalized into common user friendly data field types

  • Time and Date conversions provide AMA fields in a singular unit of measure to make queries and analysis intuitive
  • Elapsed duration fields are normalized to a common denomination


AMA data is stored and linked for easy access and analysis, this includes:

  • Base AMA Fields
  • Module Fields
  • Call Accounting Fields
  • Traffic Analysis and Trace Fields
  • Trunk Information
  • Number Portability Information


All dynamic data fields are identified by BAF code and description

All information conversions conform to industry standards contained in GR-1100, GR-1083, GR-508, GR-540, and SR-69.

User Reporting and Analysis Application  (AMAReport Desktop Suite)