Our Processing Platform front-end consists of a highly reliable, 100% solid state device designed to replace the legacy magnetic tape units that traditionally connected to the Nortel Digital Matrix Switching Systems.  This modern state of the art system also replaces legacy DMS-10 and DMS-100 Family Billing Media Converters, BMC II, AMATPS, and the Integrated Billing Storage and Retrieval (IBSR) systems.

The SRAPP interface unit connects directly to the DMS family of switches Magnetic Tape Unit (MTU) card via the native Pertec / DMS EIA-422 Interface.   On the other side, the SRAPP interface connects directly to the host server platforms via a simple reliable USB cable.  As data passes from the switching system to the host server computers it is temporarily stored in Static Solid State Memory.  This memory is re-write protected and powered by an on-chip lithium battery in case of an inadvertent failure during block processing.  AMA data is processed one block per operation so there is never the possibility of loosing large amounts of data due to a hardware failure.

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